Monday, July 21, 2008

Milly and Sanders

The Blairs came over for some play time this weekend and Milly and Sanders had their first little meeting. Yesterday Sanders and AK spent the afternoon in the backyard blow up pool. Sanders won the splashing war!

Partying with the Neighbors

We are loving our new neighbors, Stephen, Emily, and Maddox Greer! Alexa Kate and Maddox are enjoying playing outside together as much as we will let them. Thanks Maddox for teaching AK to ride her jeep!

4th of July Party at the Thomas'

Tish and JT had lots of us Cypress Lakers over for a 4th of July party. The kids had a ball and Sanders found himself the center of the older girls' attention.

Beach 2008!!!

We spent a wonderful week in Seagrove with Gran, Uncle Braxton and Courtney. We even got to see Meemaw for a few days while in Florida! The weather was perfect and the kids really loved the ocean! Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda invited us over one afternoon and we spent some time catching up with them and envying their year round Seaside life!

G&G's 60th Wedding Anniversary

Granny & Grandaddy celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on June 5th at Mary Mahoney's in Biloxi. We didn't get to make the trip but Lily and G&G came back through Jackson to visit with us. We had our own little celebration with take out from Shapleys and a wonderful cake!